Cinco De Mayo In Mexico

When my friend Lore invited me to join her and her fam on a Cinco De Mayo weekend trip to Rosarito Mexico how could I possibly say no? Being from Mexico I like to visit as often as possible. Whenever I visit travel to Mexico I’m never able to get enough, I always leave wanting to stay a bit longer. There is something really magical about Mexico. The people, the food and the culture are so different from anything else I have ever experienced. So naturally I said yes to the invitation and started planning my outfits for the trip.

Rosarito Mexico is known for it’s beaches, the parties, the clubs and… the food of course!

Like most we drove to Rosarito in a SUV with plenty of leg room. The drive isn’t bad at all, if you’ve ever driven to Vegas it’s basically the same thing. We stopped right before crossing the boarding to exchange our dollars for pesos (big mistake). Later on we found out that it would’ve been better to pay with dollars than pesos since the dollar is worth more you get more for you buck. So if it’s your first time visiting Rosarito you don’t have to worry about getting pesos they literally take dollars everywhere. We stayed at the La Paloma Beach Hotel, which wasn’t bad, but also wasn’t amazing. There are other hotels that over look the ocean and are pretty rad looking, two of them are  Los Pelicanos & Las Rocas Hotel.

After we settled into our hotel room we made our way down to the local Mexican Market to buy some cervezas and snacks for our stay.

*Tip Tip = You can BYOB to the beach in a cooler

We then went down to the hotel pool to tan & later walked to the beach where the party is really at.  At the beach I got my hair braided in less than 10 minutes by ladies who walk around the beach with a booklet of all kinds of different hair styles. After you choose your style of braid these ladies double team your hair and get down. My hair was looking fly the whole day. You can also add different color hair into your braids and look like a unicorn for a few days, I saw a few girls with white and pink hair who looked super cute!

After getting my hair did I ate some roasted corn, and drank some michiladas. BTW they have these little booths at the beach that sell killer michiladas. After having drinks at the beach Lore and I walked over to a taco joint for some bomb tacos. We found a little spot that was so crowed, but worth the wait. We walked back to our hotel room and got ready to go out.

If you plan on going clubbing go to Coco Beach! Papa’s & Beer is the most popular (also the most expensive) but my friend and I liked Coco Beach so much more. The drinks are free, yes all drinks from the bar are free! They have these ladies going  around blowing whistles and pouring tequila down your throat, these and the jello-shots are the only ones that you’ll have to pay for, and they are both cheap. We went here twice and had so much fun. There is a cute little bar across the street with bar swings for that cute IG pic.

During our last day in Rosarito we rented ATVs and rode them on the beach. If you have never done this before it’s definitely worth trying. We rented the ones right on the beach, but there are some on Calle Rene Ortiz that the views are so much nicer.

As far as souvenirs go, I recommend getting them before you leave since you can get better deals, but if you don’t have time then you can always wait till you get to the boarder since they’ll be tons of people selling whatever you can think of at there. I wanted a cafe de olla when we were waiting and I asked one of the girls that was selling something else if she could get me one, she said yes and took off. About thirty minutes past by and I didn’t think she was coming back, but sure enough she found me with one of the best cafe de olla’s I have had. So if there is something you want but don’t see it go ahead and ask the people that sell stuff, they can send someone to get it for you and you’ll have it before you cross over (don’t forget to tip them).  Also if you love marisocs as much as I do, I suggest trying the cup of mariscos that they sell with tajin and calmato.

I hope these tips are useful on your visit to Rosarito. Salud!

IMG_3555_Facetune_06-05-2018-15-31-01  IMG_3580_Facetune_06-05-2018-15-26-40














Bikini by Victoria Secret (Pink Collection)

Bralette by Forever 21

Denim distressed shorts by Zara



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