Catalina Weekend Getaway

Catalina Weekend Getaway

This weekend was my little sister’s birthday so I decided to surprise her with tickets to Catalina Island! I have decided to share my tips of what you need to know before heading over to Avalon Island.


You can purchase your tickets online or by phone. General seating is $73.50 round trip, or you can upgrade for $15.00 more. However with general seating you do have to option of both outdoor and indoor seating so it’s not bad at all. Remember to arrive early and stand in line as early as possible in order to get the good seats (Hi window-seats , I see you!).

2.) FOOD

Let’s be real… food matters and you don’t want to be on the boat hangry with only chips and junk food as an option, there’s not as many options before you depart.  There’re two restaurants located inside the Catalina Express terminal. One of the restaurants is a grab and go and the other is more of a sit-down restaurant. All three times that I have been there I have only tried the grab-and-go joint. Both restaurants serve beer. The grab and go offers things like; beer, breakfast sandwiches, kombuchas, juices, apples, etc. prices here are reasonable. I strongly suggest to grab something at either one of these restaurants or pack your own food instead of ordering something on the boat, because food on the boat isn’t as good and it’s more pricey.


You can read all about their luggage policy on their website. The luggage bag that I took was a CalPak bag, the dimensions were 28 x 19 x 12.5

I was a bit nervous but they never weighed my bag or measured it, and I saw a ton of other bags that were way bigger than mine. So if your bag is over the dimensions by a bit, don’t sweat it.


Here’s a list of things to pack that I found useful:

Do not forget to pack your portable charger! But if you do there’s a Vons in the Island that sells them.

Aloe vera (after sun) lotion / tanning lotion/ SPF lotion

A beach towel

A beach tote

Sandals that you can use in water or water shoes. Because trust me, if you plan on swimming the rocks  HURT your feet like crazy. I broke a toe nail the first time I went to Catalina because I didn’t pack any. So please listen to me on this one and pack water shoes.

A portable speaker

A wine opener if you plan on pregaming (most hotels will offer wine openers but it’s best to pack your own if possible. Some hotels only have one in the lobby!

Don’t forget your camera and a selfie stick, especially if you plan on hiking while you’re there, the views are awesome.


The Island is pretty small and you can do a lot in two days so a weekend stay is perfect (weekdays are cheaper than weekends). I personally feel that anything longer than two days will became a bore. You can zipline, rock climb, scuba dive, go hiking, miniature golf, go off roading and see buffalo, go take cool pics at their botanical garden, go to the other side of the Island (two harbors) but please save yourself and don’t go. There is nothing to do there and it’s a complete waste of money. Trust meeee. Here is a bit of what we did.

We went to the Descado Beach. You can rent beach chairs there for $80.00 for the whole day. There’s a full bar within that area (get lit.) Also you can buy super cute floats at a near by store. Floats vary from $5.00 – $75.00 depending on the style. We bought a pink flamingo($60.00) but there’re so many different options to choose from.

Tip tip: You can purchase one off of amazon for way less and take a bike pump and inflate it there.

You can rent cute little golf carts and drive around the island (here is were the portable speaker comes in handy). There are also bike options. If you plan on renting bikes look into the hotel that you’re staying in. My sister and I ending up renting bikes, but I wished I would’ve known that some hotels have bikes, so for a few extra bucks you get a complimentary bike for the time of your stay.

If you decide to go on that bike ride there is a open beach (aka Pebbly Beach) area where the locals go with families. Go there, it’s beautiful and there’s less people.

Also if you like pizza don’t forget to try the pizza at the Italian restaurant. They offer root beer on draft!

I really hope these tips have been helpful.

Happy Tanning!

The adorable birthday girl! She was so surprised… can you tell?


PIC #4

PIC #6

PIC #7

PIC #10

PIC #14

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PIC #21


Black bralette by Free People & Denim mom shorts by Levis

Blue Floral Dress by Lulu’s

High waist bikini by Victoria Secret

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Shooting Star

Shooting Star

Lately celestial prints have been the thing, have you noticed? If I remember correctly the first glittery star print I saw were the YRU booties . If you haven’t already seen them they are what unicorn dreams are made out of. I saw star prints on everything, I’m talking jackets, pants, sheer tops, jumpers etc. Who doesn’t love a bit of magic on their clothes ? Below are some of my favs! Shine on babes.








Star romper:

Celestial dress:

Glimmering metallics are here to stay

Did you notice the metallic trend, when it made a come back last year? Some people were completely onboard the metallic train while others not so much. You couldn’t scroll down your Insta feed and not come across one trendy blogger that wasn’t wearing a pleated metallic skirt. Like most trends it took a while to pickup, and now it’s still going and it’s going strong. Whether it’s a liquid gold dress or a metallic silver skirt, you need one in your life! The holiday season is right around the corner and this is one piece you should definitely consider adding to your wardrobe for that pop factor.


Here’s a picture of me in a metallic gold dress that I snagged at the NY Fame Show.