Shooting Star

Lately celestial prints have been the thing, have you noticed? If I remember correctly the first glittery star print I saw were the YRU booties . If you haven’t already seen them they are what unicorn dreams are made out of. I saw star prints on everything, I’m talking jackets, pants, sheer tops, jumpers etc. Who doesn’t love a bit of magic on their clothes ? Below are some of my favs! Shine on babes.








Star romper:

Celestial dress:

Sheer Accomplice

My favorite look right now are sheer tops under dresses, tops or even solo! They come in sheer or net and are both equally hot, with a pattern or in solid colors. Here’s a picture of me enjoying avo toast on a roof top in Los Angeles.thumbnail-1thumbnailthumbnail-2.jpeg





Glimmering metallics are here to stay

Did you notice the metallic trend, when it made a come back last year? Some people were completely onboard the metallic train while others not so much. You couldn’t scroll down your Insta feed and not come across one trendy blogger that wasn’t wearing a pleated metallic skirt. Like most trends it took a while to pickup, and now it’s still going and it’s going strong. Whether it’s a liquid gold dress or a metallic silver skirt, you need one in your life! The holiday season is right around the corner and this is one piece you should definitely consider adding to your wardrobe for that pop factor.


Here’s a picture of me in a metallic gold dress that I snagged at the NY Fame Show.